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Re: Debian security being trashed in Linux Today comments

On Tue, 2002-01-15 at 09:44, Florian Weimer wrote:
> Adam Warner <lists@consulting.net.nz> writes:
> > http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2002-01-14-002-20-SC-DB
> > 
> > Someone with better knowledge of all the facts might want to comment on
> > the claim that "Debian is always the last to fix security holes" and the
> > tag team follow up "I've been fighting for months now to try to convince
> > them to release an advisory or fix for ftpd..."
> Of course, libc problems are a bit unfair for comparison.  Red Hat
> runs the official CVS repository, and they probably knew about the
> problem by mid-November or something like that (the fix was committed
> on 2001-11-29, IIRC).

I've just found that some anonymous poster promoted the Linux Today
comments on Debian Planet:


At this rate Slashdot isn't far off ;-)


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