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Re: Debian security being trashed in Linux Today comments

On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 06:16:46PM +0100, Lupe Christoph wrote:
> I hope you provide a cleaned-up version. .../msg00257.html is full
> of binary crap. And the link .../bin00000.bin could be stored
> as the PNG file it is supposed to be. The way it is now, I get
> a MIME-type of application/octet-stream, which Mozilla won't
> display. Maybe you can put the text, the spreadsheet, and the
> graph on a website?

	Ummm.... not likely.
> Archive maintainers, what happens to attachments like those in
> the mentioned mail? I don't keep debian-security mails around,
> so I can't see what MIME-type the attachments had. The binary crap
> must be the spreadsheet which has been inlined.

	As I said, attachments are not parsed correctly by the archiving
software. And no, the spreadsheet should have been sent as a MIME
attachment (used mutt).



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