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Re: Once again: Spam (from hananet.net, korea)

Dietmar Braun wrote:

In my opinion, this is only a workaround.
Providers should close their routes to this spammers or block their IP addresses - this could be the only way to change the koreans minds.

well, the mail is from webmaster@iwww.net

ping iwww.net ->


E-Mail             : support@kidc.net

Seems like webmaster@iwww.net depends from kidc.net

whois iwww.net and whois kidc.net tells us they are not the same. So if you want a result, don't write to abuse@iwww.net (may be the same guy than webmaster@iwww.net), directly write to abuse@kidc.net (the provider)

Honnestly, I won't do so. There is not enough mail for me. But if someone want...


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