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Re: configuring Checksecurity to email reports to root

On Sat, Jan 12, 2002 at 03:59:12AM -0700, Stefan Srdic wrote:
> On January 12, 2002 02:28 pm, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > Thus spake Stefan Srdic:
> > > Hi,

> You might have misunderstood me, my question was, will the checksecurity 
> script that runs from cron e-mail it's report to root if I have exim 
> installed?

Exim doesnt reports anything by itself. 

Only the MUA (mailx, mutt, anymua) can drive a report the right way to you.

All Unix[script/programs] uses to talk to stdout, so a simple prayer like :

/usr/local/cqritytchek | mutt -x -s "Subjec"t me@myhost.org

will send <me> the report issued by cqritytchek,

no matter you run Exim, Sendmail or Postfix.

         hth,            Jacques

            0CBE 3F8A 5A77 A35C 27C7  2D42 3EC5 806B 9178 088D

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