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Re: configuring Checksecurity to email reports to root

Thus spake Stefan Srdic:
> Hi,
> 	I was going through the Securing Debian HOW-TO and noticed the section on 
> setuid check (4.11). I would like for the checksecurity script to email root 
> of any changes to the system. Will this work if I have exim installed?
> Currently, exim forwards all mail  from root to my day-to-day user. I would 
> like to be able to read any information that this script would have for me 
> through kmail :D
> Has anybody set this up?
> Stef
I'm fairly sure this is handled by /etc/aliases for exim.  I have
lines like:
postmaster: root
root: steve #Steve being my ordinary account, obviously
and it works great.  I think this is part of eximconfig, although I
don't remember exactly.

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