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Re: I've been hacked by DevilSoul

hi alan

where are you ???

if in silicon valley...
you can be back online within 1hr or so...
( assuming you have data-only backed up prior to the hacker getting
( into your box..

if the [h/cr]acker didnt "rm -rf /" your machine..you're still online..
- maybe just sniffing your passwds ???
- maybe using it to hack other boxes ??

- you need to see what its doing... and than prevent that from
  happening on oyour next install

- if you think they used a simple/ordinary rootkits... you can 
  try some of the rootkit detectors


	( scans your machine - or used to scan for rootkits/trojans )


have fun

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Alan Aldrich wrote:

> Not sure what all it did, but really played havoc with SSH and some other networking components and is keeping my aventail authentication server from honoring socks requests.
> Can someone help undo whatever it did or point me to a site that covers it? I need to get this server back online quick
> Thanks
> alan

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