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Re: I've been hacked by DevilSoul

also sprach Alan Aldrich <alanaldrich@attbi.com> [2002.01.11.0502 +0100]:
> Not sure what all it did, but really played havoc with SSH and some other
> networking components and is keeping my aventail authentication server from
> honoring socks requests.
> Can someone help undo whatever it did or point me to a site that covers it?

you've been hacked -> backup -> re-mkfs -> reinstall -> re-config from
backup very carefully (i.e. file by file) -> restore user data -> do
some post-mortem with backup -> ensure security -> reopen server to
public and users -> more post-mortem -> take more security measures.

standard procedure.

> I need to get this server back online quick

i can install a debian system in less than 10 minutes ;)
with FAI (thomas lange) supposedly in less than 3...

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