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Re: More security for screensavers

Benoît Sibaud <benoit.sibaud@rd.francetelecom.com> writes:

> For now, the xscreensaver maintainer disagrees.
> "I disagree. It is NOT a security issue, it has been discussed the last
> 3 times it was brought up, and it's easy enough to change if it bothers
> you. Neither your bug or the discussion you pointed to adds anything to
> the debate that's been carried on several times before."

I agree with the maintainer.  Most workstations are not in public
places where this is a problem.  Nor is it a security issue, actually.

When I worked for MIT athena, we simply went through and disabled all
the hacks that dependend on previous screen text and turned them off;
perhaps a *wishlist* item could be added to make this easy to toggle
from the gnome (or other) capplets.

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