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More security for screensavers


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see any "security level
configuration" for both xscreensaver or xlockmore. What I mean is a way
to choose something like a class of screensavers, like 'secure' or 'fun'
or both: all screensavers save the screen, but they don't all protect
privacy; some screensavers (like Spotlight or Jigsaw for example) don't
fully hide the desktop; some others like Bomb (which really disconnect
the user at the end of the countdown) are 'dangerous' in a corporate

I suppose I should write a bugreport but I wanted to know security team
opinion before.

Oh, last point: happy new year, best wishes, long life to Debian

Benoît Sibaud
R&D engineer - France Telecom

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