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Re: IP accounting per user


> > There is a tool set, including a Linux kernel patch: UserIPacct
> > (http://ramses.smeyers.be/homepage/useripacct/). But I do not know how
> > stable it is. Besides, the last patch is for 2.4.6 and I need a more
> > up-to-date 2.4 kernel.
> yeah, that looks nice, but who'd run a 2.4.6 these days???
> dammit, i don't really want to patch 2.2.20 or 2.4.17 myself

i use the patch with a 2.4.16.
some parts of the patch failed (after the lids patch), it took less than
two minutes to correct this by hand.
i don't think, that there are too much more changes for the 2.4.17.

one thing took me a long time, you have to change @NOBODY@ in den patch to
the userid of the user nobody.


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