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re: secure linux 2.4 kernel

> The descriptions of who and what a attacker are to 
> me besides the point. I'll never understand why    
> people want to put labels on someone trying to do > 
 something *bad* things to your box, I don't care > 
what kind of intelligence or expertise these jerks >
have -- to me, they're equally appaulling.

ummm....no, would you rather a 'whitehat' got in your
system. informed you what you did wrong, and fixed it
for you? or a black hat who takes your data and uses
it against you.

>  "Thats illegal, how come if
> someone try's to get into your computer, they aren't
> Hmmm... Mom has a good point.

because, most people do not understand, hackers are
not 'evil', they actually help people. sort of like
someone walking past your house, they see a window
open, and inform you, or break in.

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