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Re: Secure 2.4.x kernel

Or is it the
> case that such a secure kernel doesnt exist yet in the 
2.4 line? Given
> Debian's tradition of backporting security fixes, perhaps 
there is a
> Debian-ized 2.4 kernel that would be suited to what I 
have in mind?

I run 2.2.18pre21 on my firewall.  It has been known to be 
stable and secure.  Unless you like recompiling your kernel 
2 or 3 times a month I wouldn't look to 2.4 for a FIREWALL 
kernel yet.  If you want the neat features of 2.4 I would 
recomend installing 2.2 on the firewall and another box on 
the internal network with 2.4


> Thanks,
> Jor-el
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