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Re: Apt-get is insecure

Previously Emiel Metselaar wrote:
> Could anyone point me to some documentation about how this fits within
> the 'usual' apt-get update apt-get install procedure. 

The idea is:
* packages are signed using debsig and get one (or more) embedded
* apt & friends don't look at the signature and will just see a normal
* dpkg will call debsig-verify to verify the signature and validate the

The last step is currently skipped since /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg includes
the no-debsig option by default, otherwise debsig-verify would happily
reject all current packages.

Details on how debsig-verify verifies the signature (there is a whole
bunch of criteria you can specify) should be in the debsigs or
debsig-verify package.


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