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Re: Can a daemon listen only on some interfaces?

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In message <[🔎] 20011211083312.B2558@flea.home>, mdevin writes:
>> Once thing to keep in mind when turning off services is to use update-rc.=
>> correctly.  It's not a good idea to turn off services using=20
>> "update-rc.d -f remove" because that completely removes the links for a=
>> package.  If the links are completely removed, then when the package is=
>> upgraded the links will be restored and the service will start up again a=
>> the next reboot.  The correct way to turn off a service is to remove all =
>> the links except for one Kill link.  That way the service won't start and=
>> won't be restarted when the service is upgraded.
>Thanks for that.  I will change things so that the links are as you say.
>When you say: leave one kill link; Do you just leave the kill link in
>rc6.d or do you put a kill link in every one of rc1.d - rc6.d, or
>doesn't it matter so long as there is at least one.

It doesn't matter as long as there is at least one.  

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