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Re: Re: How do I disable (close) ports?

At 05.12.2001, J. Paul Bruns-Bielkowicz wrote:
> > You're not going to become a good Linux-administrator before you realize
> > that you should UNDERSTAND what you do instead of just guessing and be
> > happy because it worked.
> Becoming a good administrator is making it work and keeping it working.

Yes and this is possible if you _understand_ what you are doing.

> It
> seems there is an official way of closing the ports and an unofficial
> (wrong?) way of doing it.

No, with editing /etc/services you never close a port. An open port is
just a port on wich a process is listening.

What happend on your computer is, that some processes tryes to fugure
out, wich port number to use for $service. Therefor it takes a look at
/etc/services to get the information, wich portnumber to use.

You dont disble any services. You only made some changes that some
processes dont know on wich port to bind.

> Understanding is gained, among others through
> experience, and this is quite an experience judging by quantity of replies

Do it the right way (stopping the service it self) or dont do it.


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