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Re: How do I disable (close) ports?

Alexander Clouter <alexander.clouter@ic.ac.uk> writes:

> erm....don't diasble them in /etc/services, this normally doesn't work (as
> far as I'm aware).  /etc/services is more a 'lookup' service then a 'whether
> I should actually work' service.


> according to /etc/serices 111 is 'portmapper', darned if I know what it
> actually does however you may find it lurking in your /etc/(x)inetd.conf or
> even /etc/init.d/<something, likely to be 'portmapper'>.  Type
> "/etc/init.d/<whatever> stop" and then do another netstat and see if that
> helps.

Portmapper is an essential server for SunRPC services, including NFS,
mountd, nfsd, etc.

> As for the 859 I cannot see where you got it from, no reference to it at all,
> from what you have given us.  However you probably find it in the same way as
> you did 'nuke' portmapper.

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