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Re: How do I disable (close) ports?

J. Paul Bruns-Bielkowicz [jp@america.eu.org] wrote:
> I disabled all but a few ports in /etc/services, but I have
> tcp        0      0 pa237.olsztyn.sdi.t:111
> when I netstat my machine. What exactly does this mean? I just want
> 25/tcp     open        smtp
> 37/tcp     open        time
> 66/tcp     open        sql*net
> 80/tcp     open        http
> 110/tcp    open        pop-3
> 443/tcp    open        https
> 3306/tcp   open        mysql
> open. How can I close ports 111 and 859? They are not enabled in
> /etc/services
erm....don't diasble them in /etc/services, this normally doesn't work (as
far as I'm aware).  /etc/services is more a 'lookup' service then a 'whether
I should actually work' service.

according to /etc/serices 111 is 'portmapper', darned if I know what it
actually does however you may find it lurking in your /etc/(x)inetd.conf or
even /etc/init.d/<something, likely to be 'portmapper'>.  Type
"/etc/init.d/<whatever> stop" and then do another netstat and see if that

As for the 859 I cannot see where you got it from, no reference to it at all,
from what you have given us.  However you probably find it in the same way as
you did 'nuke' portmapper.

As a suggestion install the 'debfoster' package, and run debfoster (when ever
you get bored as root) 'debfoster -n'.  This will then list all the packages
installed on your machine and any dependencies that are linked to them, you
can then trim off the stuff you never needed...or forgot about that you
installed ages ago.

good luck


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