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Re: Mutt & tmp files -- Root is not my Enemy

Rolf Kutz [kutz@gmx.de] wrote:
> Alexander Clouter (alexander.clouter@ic.ac.uk) wrote:
> > I am the root guy of my own laptop and I can trust myself :)  However a lot
> > of countries (uk/us and probably others, lots in the eu I would imagine) have
> > encryption laws, not preventing it but permiting them to throw you in jail
> > unless you hand over your encryption codes.  If you don't you get a nice big
> What, if I someone gets an email encrypted with a
> bogus key claiming to, but not belonging to the
> recipient? What if I lost the key? Silly law.
I know, a whole lot was done in giving the police powers.  Another thing is
the e-mail monitoring is a regular day-to-day thing now.  However although
the police now have all these powers the government stupidly is not training
them to take advantage of them.  For example....

a girl ran away from home and the parents were worried and did a tv appeal,
etc etc.  The girl saw this an sent them an e-mail from a cyber cafe to tell
them she was okay.  Now to find out where she was the police knew she was in
the same town due to the body of the text saying so.  However to track her
down they did a mass ticket drop to all the cyber cafe's and it was some time
before the owner of one reconised her photo.  The simple solution was to look
at the headers, rip the ip and run that through arpa.  This would of told
them in less than thirty seconds *which* computer she actually used.  Sure
this didn't involve any special laws but it shows that they don't know what
to do with technology.

> > fine and 6 months->2 years in jail (in the uk at least).  Stegraphy is
> > probably a better option to avoid this 'problem'
> If they find stenographic software on the box, they
> will ask you for the mantra, too.
probably true unless you can hide it in piccies and things, like the us have
done a few times and apparently bin laden too.

The funny thing is these laws are ment to prevent encryption being a
'problem' however they don't realise that why would terrorist bob care about
being thrown into jail for two years over an encryption key.  So far though
this hasn't been put through court yet with the freedom of speech as a
defence, etc.

just my $0.02 :)


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