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Re: [off-topic?] Chrooting ssh/telnet users?

Sunny Dubey <dubeys@bxscience.edu> writes:

> > The problem is, how can an admin restrict remote access from a given
> > user (through telnet and/or sshd) in order to limit his "moves" inside
> > the operating system.
> no idea if this will help
> but you could change their shells from bash to rbash (or bash -r)
> its pretty crappy however

rbash seems to go out of its way to make life hard for someone - no ability
to execute `cd' or `alias' at all, that sort of thing. It's not a lot of
use if you want a complete chroot()ed environment with ability to do
whatever they like within it; it's normally more useful to be able to
organize your files into directories which rbash doesn't exactly help with.

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