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Re: Connection problem

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 02:35:51PM +0200, Emmanuel Lacour wrote:
> Ok , to close this message (out of list topics), I just explain how I
> solved my problem.
> A few days ago I was playing with ipsec and adsl pppoe. This was a mtu
> problem so I played with clampmss fragicmp overridemtu in rp-pppoe and
> ipsec.conf.
> And I leaved pppoe.conf with a clampmss=no.
> I set it to 1412 and now all works perfectly.

what was it before, we have ours set to 1452.
adsl uses a size of 1492 but you need to allow for a 40 byte tcp header
(I think), which is where 1452 comes from.

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