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Re: Port Scan for UDP

On Sun, Oct 21, 2001 at 09:49:02AM -0600, orly-fu wrote:
> First of all nmap does not scan only the services listed in /etc/services, if 
> you were to have bothered reading the manual before answering you would have 
> read, and I quote: 
> "The default  is  to  scan  all ports  between  1  and  1024  as  well as any 
> ports listed in the services file which comes with  nmap." NOTE! Comes with 
> nmap! usually located in /usr/local/share/nmap/nmap-services.

Hmmm.  If you'd bothered to read his post, you'd have seen that he
claimed that he never claimed that nmap only checked ports listed in
*/etc/services*, but nmap's own services database.  Don't believe me?
Here's the quote (emphasis mine):  "Also, did you know that by default,
nmap only scans ports listed in *its* services file?"  NOTE!  No mention
of /etc/services!

Leaving out the detail about ports < 1024 is true, but that that was not
his point.


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