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Re: Gateway Login

On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 05:33:06PM -0500, Kenneth Pronovici wrote:
> > Indeed, this gets you to one internal machine, but this is better than loggin 
> > into your firewall isn't it? From your internal machine you can then get to 
> > any other box you need to.
> Agreed, I can make it work this way if I need to... what I'm trying to emulate 
> is a corporate gateway that I've logged in through in the past.  I would be
> nice to be able to generalize and say "these internal machines may be logged
> into via the firewall" somehow, which is what that corporate gateway allowed
> me to do, i.e.
>    ftp gateway
>    username: user@internal.machine
	This seems to be a Gauntlet firewall of sorts. You could try to
download the TIS toolkit and use the telnet proxy for this case (sorry,
it's not opensource).
	I have taken a look at the gatelogin source code and seems to be
pretty simple to change in order to use ssh instead of rlogin. Have you
tried it?


PS: Did I say I would love to see NAI take Gauntlet and, instead of
selling the firewall technology to the best bidder, make it open-source?

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