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Re: Gateway Login

> Indeed, this gets you to one internal machine, but this is better than loggin 
> into your firewall isn't it? From your internal machine you can then get to 
> any other box you need to.

Agreed, I can make it work this way if I need to... what I'm trying to emulate 
is a corporate gateway that I've logged in through in the past.  I would be
nice to be able to generalize and say "these internal machines may be logged
into via the firewall" somehow, which is what that corporate gateway allowed
me to do, i.e.

   ftp gateway
   username: user@internal.machine

got me an FTP connection to the internal machine, not the firewall.  Opinions
about the safety/appropriateness of an FTP login aside, this is the sort of
thing I'm looking for, and it's basically what the link in my original email
provides (except that program only does rsh connections).


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