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Re: /dev/log

The very nature of syslog allows any system to log to it from a
machine that set it is a loghost, so while there may be a DOS to fill
up /var/log, its also a "feature" of syslogd.

 Chris                            mailto:chris@coolass.net

Friday, October 05, 2001, 1:41:48 PM, you wrote:

S> hi,
S> in these days there was a interesting thread about /dev/log  that has
S> 666 mode and some possible DOS that can be made by any user by just
S> printing random thrash with syslog(3) and fill up the /var/log 
S> without being traced .

S> one possible solution to that was to put /dev/log and to uid,gid syslog.syslog
S> and then add every daemon which wants to write on log on gid syslog too.

S> what do you think ?? Will debian reolve it ?

S> thanks
S> Samuele 

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