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I gone thr' your IPTABLES SOS firewall.rules. i have
some thing to ask you

1. In your script default you are droping INPUT and
FORWARD not OUTPUT i went thro' lot iptables firewall
script on the net most of them are dropping INPUT and
OUPUT not FORWARD i want to know what is the
difference between the above two. And

2. Why your ACCEPTing OUTPUT for loopbackin your

thanx & regards
Subramanian Thenralmani 
Yukthi Systems Pvt. Ltd.				Bangalore

Sr. Member of Tech. Staff.
Yukthi Systems Pvt. Ltd.
#178, 5th Main, J.P.Nagar 3rd Phase,
Bangalore-560 074
Phone #:6582923
Reach me at:9845211913

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