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Re: open ports


Are you using IP Masquerading ??

If you are you need to install a kernel module called ip_masq_icq for ICQ to work otherwise you will only be able to connect through the server and not directly i.e.. no file transfer or chat rooms but you will be able to message through the ICQ server. For full functionality you need the module.

The module can be found on --> http://freshmeat.net/

ICQ uses port 5190

Hope this helps with at least one of your problems !


Tobias S. Hofer wrote:

i use iptables for my personal firewall.
for proper configuration i need some information
about ports used by different services.

not the lower one. i can read the /etc/services
on my one:)

but for the use with icq, i'm not sure if i've
opened the right one (i don't think so because
if got some problems, e.g. on file transfers)

in addition: to be able to play yahoo games there
also must be open some ports above 35000 i think...
but which one?

i wonna use some scripts to open and/or close
needed ports dynamicaly..;)

is there a paper available?

thx @ll


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