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Re: SSH install in Woody

On 10-Sep-01, 03:34 (CDT), Colin Walters <walters@verbum.org> wrote: 
> Jeff Coppock <jcoppock1@home.com> writes:
> > I'm having trouble getting ssh installed on my new woody system.
> > I'm getting segmentation faults during the ssh-keygen process.  I
> > can't find any reason for this.
> Are you familiar with GDB?  You should download the source to the ssh
> package (apt-get source ssh), then rebuild it with debugging
> information, get a backtrace using gdb, then include that information
> in a bug report against the ssh package.

As a simpler first step, you can install "strace" and/or "ltrace" and run
ssh-keygen under them and see how far it's getting...it may or may not help,
but it's a lot faster/easier than getting gdb running.

Additionally, if the ssh debian/rules file has been properly set up, you
can rebuild with debugging simply by 

apt-get source ssh
cd ssh-<version>
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="debug,nostrip" debian/rules build 

(or "... debian/rules binary" if you want a new .deb package, instead of
just an ssh-keygen with debugging info)


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