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Problems with pam_access

I am using pure-ftpd 0.99.1b (compiled from source) on a potato-system
with kernel 2.4.9.
I want to make one ftp-account accessible only for certain
IP-addresses. This is possible by using pam_access and it works fine
with ssh. I added this line to /etc/pam.d/pure-ftpd:

"account required pam_access.so"

When I try to login I get:
"pam_access[1585]: couldn't get the tty name" 
in my logfiles and the login fails immediately without a timeout.
pure-ftpd is running in standalone-mode (not from inetd) and I don't
want to change that. PAM works fine and pure-ftpd is compiled --with-pam
Any hints?

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