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Re: HARASS ME MORE.........

also sprach Bud Rogers (on Sat, 01 Sep 2001 07:58:12AM -0500):
> > i think all this started because i auto-reply to micro$oft users,
> > telling them about www.vcnet.com/bms and www.unix-vs-nt.org and he
> > didn't like that :)
> Martin, you may have set him off but I don't think you're responsible.  The 
> guy is pretty obviously subscribed to this list.  I suppose it's possible 
> that someone else subscribed him without his knowledge or consent, but I 
> doubt it.  I think he got himself on the list, for whatever reason, and now 
> he's too stupid to get himself off.

i know. oh well, apologies to y'all for the mess, but as bud said,
it's not my fault that he's such a dork.

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