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On Sat, 1 Sep 2001, Bell-flower wrote:

> 	Hm. Is this a culture level of debian-users? I'm catholic and I
> don't want see messages like this any more. 
> 	Regards, 
> 	Michal

Two possibilities arise, as usual.

1. It (not he, not she, just it) is a troll. It enjoys doing things like
this and harrasing good people. No comments, the best that can be done is
ignoring it until it gets canceled from the list. I don't care if the
language is bad or if the sender is stupid or mentaly insane. If its
letters have 0 bits of information inside, who would give it more than 2
seconds of attention? I didn't - just decided to write this letter because
I realized somebody may take things like this more seriously.

2. Somebody subscribed Mr. Layne to this list which was meant as a joke.
In this case, it could be a bad joke of subscribing him to much more lists
and this means that he may get hundreds or thousands letters a day. Not
nice. Seems that somebody really dislikes him, if that's the case. His
reaction suggests that he doesn't really know too much about Internet, a
casual email user. He got angry and he blames us for sending him all those

Neither of this is connected with people from this list, as far as I can
say. Speaking only for myself, of course. I'm not connected to any
authority that could speak in the name of people on this list - but since
I am subscribed for quite a long time, I can say I don't remember such a
nasty language being common practice.


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