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Re: Sniffing SSH and HTTPS

hi ya

and for the list of the rest of the sniffers to check out...

one of the boxes i had over the past 3 years was sniffed ... probably
ssh-1.x series ... just didnt know how they did it 3 yrs ago
	- no damage done ... but a good trick...

have fun

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Davy Gigan wrote:

> Jan-Hendrik Palic writes:
>  > http://ettercap.sourceforge.net/
>  > 
>  > Is it possible? Are SSH und HTTPS connections unsecure and how do we
>  > make is secure than?
> old ssh protocol v1.5 IS a security hole, you can snif it. I don't know any vulnerability
> for the last OpenSSH_2.9p2 or OpenSSH_2.5.2p2 (which is last in debian security's updates)
> ... for the moment. Remember there is no 100% secure software.
> Don't know for https, but that's not a surprise then.

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