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Re: Secure Network Filesystem

hi ya alisson

for secure NFS stuff.. ( dont have any experience in its
security/comfort level )
	( go to the bottom of the page )

have fun

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Alisson Sellaro wrote:

> Hi there folks
> I'm planning a modification in the network of my departament here. We have a pretty standard lay-out with a DMZ and a screened subnet firewalling schema (two firewalls, one from outside to our DMZ and other from the DMZ to our Intranet). The point is: we are with new requirements of sharing some filesystems accross the network (Intranet and DMZ).
> I would like to know from you what is suggested in terms of use X security. I really would not like to use NFS. Any clues? Coda?
> Thamnks in advance
> -- 

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