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Re: pop3

Thank you everyone, I value all the comments ive been receiving on the
subject.  :)  However when I was referring to secure, i meant more along the
lines of "stable".  I understand the pop3 protocol and know its limitations
as far as plaintext passwords are concerned, and I fully intend to take
appropriate measures to handle that.  I'm more worried about people seeing
my pop3 service as a potential door into my network.  Which is why i'm
looking for a package with a good track record as far as actual program
security is concerned.  I understand that everyone has their own
vulnerabilities, so i'm not looking for the "ultimate pop3 daemon".  But its
comforting to know if a preticular daemon is well examined, and when a
vulnerability arises, that it gets patched quickly.  Would anyone happen to
have any suggestions as far as that goes?

--- *numerous helpful and constructive comments snipped* ---

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