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Re: aargh... I am being asked to change to SuSE

Martin Hermanowski <martin@mh57.net> writes:

> Should this be on the list or per mail only?

I don't know why it's on debian-secure, that's for sure.

> On Mon, Jul 16, 2001 at 11:03:41AM +0300, Juha Jäykkä wrote:
> > (off topic) Anyone care to help me: I need some _strong_ points in
> > favour of Debian, against SuSE. No crap, please. I need to presuade my
> > superiors to turn from RH to Debian instead of SuSE as they would like
> > to do. I need strong evidence in favour of Debian if I am to succeed in
> > enforcing it. I do not know SuSE myself, so I cannot fight them (they
> > do not know Debian, but they are the ones who decide - they do not need
> > to) alone. I only care for security/administrability issues now. Thanks
> > for enduring me.
> From the point of security updates, SuSE ist terrible. E.g., now you
> won't get an updated version of sudo for an one-year-old SuSE6.4, you
> would have to upgrade the whole installation or compile sudo yourself.
> The apt-get - system makes *much* less work.

OK, I dislike distro-advocacy of any form, but here be 3 areas of

* Contrast the existence of a Debian Social Contract with YaST being

* Take a look at the filesystem layout. IMNSHO Suse's approach has not
altogether been rational.

* Play with apt-get dist-upgrade and point out the ability to track
combinations of stable, secure, testing or unstable distro versions,
smoothly, daily.

And one point to make: you're better off with a distro with which you're
familiar, than one in which you fight the system. 
Going from ${RANDOM-RPM-DISTRO} to Debian is a matter of setting aside 20
minutes to read `man dpkg' and `man apt-get', preparing to find configs
based on package name rather than generic terms (/etc/apache/ versus
/etc/httpd) and that's about all you need to get started.

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