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Re: signatures and keyservers (was Re: Apache, mod_auth_pam, pam_krb4, and you)

Well I am not a guru on this subject and did not want to put my nose into that ( well this is my MsD project at the moment ) but as far as I know impersonation is not the only thing we try to achieve when we are using such things. We also use one way hash functions to get a value out of our message and this hash function is only private to us and the server keeps another function that can only verify if the hash value is really generated by us and is correct.This helps avoiding impersonation and altering of the message by third parties.Of course key management ( especially generation ) is not something easy ( 2 integers of 64 digits and prime is not as easy to generate as writing hello world in C ) but I do not believe it has necessity in the e-mail groups since we are not corresponding about money transitions of billion dolars and if you think the lamest thing in the world would be relaying from an e-mail server to this security list by an email that comes from bill.gates@microsoft.com it does not show such significance.

PS : Mr Bouse thanx a lot for your attention in helping me. I think I have solved the problem with your help.There are great guys here and he is one of them.


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><pre>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; &quot;ozymandias&quot; == ozymandias G desiderata &lt;ogd@aoaioxxysz.net&gt; writes:
>    ozymandias&gt; Of course, this would be a different story if the web
>    ozymandias&gt; of trust were in more common usage, but it's not,
>Ever think of *why* that is?  And whether this is in any way related
>to people's keys not being on keyservers?
>    ozymandias&gt; outside of debian-maintainers and some small klatches
>    ozymandias&gt; of die-hard cypherpunks, some of whom are too paranoid
>    ozymandias&gt; to admit who they know anyway.
>Never seen that face, no officer, I don't know that man.  Barely even
>know my own face.  ;-)
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