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Re: signatures and keyservers (was Re: Apache, mod_auth_pam, pam_krb4, and you)

>>>>> "ozymandias" == ozymandias G desiderata <ogd@aoaioxxysz.net> writes:

    ozymandias> Of course, this would be a different story if the web
    ozymandias> of trust were in more common usage, but it's not,

Ever think of *why* that is?  And whether this is in any way related
to people's keys not being on keyservers?

    ozymandias> outside of debian-maintainers and some small klatches
    ozymandias> of die-hard cypherpunks, some of whom are too paranoid
    ozymandias> to admit who they know anyway.

Never seen that face, no officer, I don't know that man.  Barely even
know my own face.  ;-)

Bye, J

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