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Re: Compiling HostSentry

yoros@terra.es wrote:

> About your question, the wtmp file is changed by the login/logout
> process. I think that the login program in Debian is quite similar to
> that in Slackware.
> You can try to configure the HostSentry in Debian like in Slackwere.
> ( Sorry for my English )
> --
> yoros

Thanks, I figured Debian would be more SLackWare then RedHat. I'll try using
the Slackware defined settings and see if anythings turns up in my logs.

As for the real Debian wtmp format, I'm anylizing the
/usr/include/bits/utmp.h and /usr/include/bits/utmpx.h files and trying to
determine the exact Debian wtmp format string to use along with HostSentry.

It might take some time, but I'll get it.


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