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a FISH?!?!

So here I was playing around with some stuff in Quakeforge, and I see
a FISH swim across my root windows.  Not surprisingly, my first
thought was HUH?!  Second was probably WTF...

I have nothing running that *should* be doing that, so I can only
think of two posabilities.  One is that a progam I have running
(xchat, gkrellm, gnome-terminall, quakeforge, and a bunch of gnome
applets, galeon) has an easter egg in it where it does that.  The
other is that some cracker with a wierd sense of humour has rooted my
box and is trying to make me go insane.

Since I doubt anybody'd try the latter, does anybody know of a program
that might have caused it?

ps I don't think it was xfishtank, which I have installed, because it
was only a single fish and there was no background colour.

- Dazed and Confused

Adam Olsen, aka Rhamphoryncus

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