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Re: security in general

On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 11:55:33AM +0200, kjfsgjks ksjgkfhfd wrote:
> >- use things like tripwire (but that?s only 100% safe if you set it up
> >   before the machine?s connected to the net the first time)
> Yeah I wanted to do that, but unfortunately I already had it connected for 
> like 24h or so. I could still do that, but I guess if I wanna do it right, 
> I'd have to reinstall the box.. Stupid me :(

 That's a lame argument.  You're saying "I can't make it perfect, so I might
as well not do anything."  If you want tripwire, install it now.  Given how
security-conscious you are, the chance of you having already been cracked in
your first 24 hours with a rapidly changing IP is pretty small.  If you ever
have to install the machine again, then you can install tripwire right away.
Until then, increase the security of your system by installing tripwire.

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