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Re: Unable to gain access to secure sites.


On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 10:04:07PM -0700, Alexander Hvostov wrote:

> Note that my MUA, Sylpheed, was moved from main to non-US in the last upgrade,
> since the maintainer decided to compile in GPG signing/encryption support. Do
> I object? Uh, no. As you may notice, I use the feature already. ;)
> It'd be nice to have a separate version with no GPG support for our friends
> living in fascist nations

> (such as Russia, I believe),

Really? :)

> but I don't live in such a country, so I don't really care. Note that the
> Ximian people have already gone and split up Mozilla into separate packages,
> and the crypto code (ie, PSM) is in its own (optional) package. So I'm not
> even sure what the issue is anymore...


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