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Re: Got root?

A few quick searches on google turned up some rather interesting
kernel patches...

I'm not quite sure what to make of this.  Very interesting, but
I can't imagine having 1024 numbers/socket representations in a
directory is the best way to configure something..

GID split privilege patch:
Not as granular; apparently, the gids are hardcoded, so setgid binaries
are needed.

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 01:17:17AM +0000, Ken Seefried wrote:
> Forgive my off & on following of this thread; this may have been mentioned.
> Wasn't there a kernel patch at one point detailed in Phrack or some such 
> that bound the opening of certain priviledged ports to membership in certain 
> groups?  That is, if you belonged to group id 20 (say), you could open port 
> 80 (say).  This allowed otherwise SUID 0 programs to be run as non-priv 
> users.  I want to say that Solar Designer came up with it, but I can't seem 
> to find the reference to it (in a cursory search). 
> Seemed reasonable at the time, although certainly not as elegant as full 
> privs (which didn't exist back then).  Anyone remeber that? 
> Ken Seefried, CISSP 
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