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Re: sshd port config and security

* Jean-Marc Boursot <jmb@ankeo.org> [010406 21:09]:
> They allow telnet and not ssh? Nice!

yeah, afraid of the port-forwarding capabilities in ssh.  i can see
their point but i'm just as leery of clear-text transmission.  oh, well.

> So you can turn it off.

should of thought of that myself. :)

> What about portmap? You can turn it off either and filter port 25 if 
> you have a mail daemon running. In fact, you can drop all external tcp 
> connections to ports below 1024 (except 23), and drop all SYN 
> connections to ports above 1024. You can also filter ICMP. Check 
> gShield (http://linuxmafia.org/~godot/gshield.html): it has very 
> restrictive rules.

i've already disabled portmap and mail demon too.  i guess i should look
into setting up a firewall on my debian box.  i already have iptables
installed.  just need to recompile my kernel to support it.  i just keep
thinking that it's overkill to have my hw firewall and then another
firewall set up in software on my box.

thanks for the advice,

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