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sshd port config and security

I have sshd set up on my machine at home.  Instead of the default port
22, I uninstalled telnetd and run sshd on 23.  I do this mostly because
I want to ssh into my machine from work where they don't open port 22 on
the firewall.  They do however allow telnet to the outside.  I have
commented out everything in inetd.conf, set up hosts.allow / hosts.deny 
so that only specific ips can connect.  I made sure using netstat -an
that only port 23 was open.  I set up my hardware firewall to block all
requests except for ones coming on 23.  For those, it is redirecting to
my debian machine.  I configured sshd to allow only RSA key
authentication and disabled root login.  I also increased the host key
size to 1024.

Is there anything else I can do to harden my setup, either on the
firewall or on the server?


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