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Re: sshd port config and security

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 10:31:27AM -0500, Vinh Truong wrote:
> I have sshd set up on my machine at home.  Instead of the default port
> 22, I uninstalled telnetd and run sshd on 23.  I do this mostly because
> I want to ssh into my machine from work where they don't open port 22 on
> the firewall.  They do however allow telnet to the outside.  I have

Is the firewall blocking all traffic that has a destination port 22, or
or a source port 22?  If only the latter, you can tell your ssh client
to use a high port number.  With OpenSSH, from work I use:
  ssh -P home 		# connect using a high source port
  ssh -2 -v -P home	# same as above, but force protocol 2, be verbose

Otherwise, my connection fails.


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