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Re: Is it possible to chroot scp?


On Sun, 11 Mar 2001 jurie@firefly.coggles.net wrote:

> I have been setting up a webserver that users need to acess remotely.
> The problem is that I don't like the way that ftp sends passwords
> plaintext.  I am currently useing proftpd, as I also require the
> ability to chroot users into thier own directories.  Now, essentialy
> what I need is to have windoze users login w. some sort of point &
> click client, be able to drag stuff too & from the server, and not
> be able to mess with, or even know about, other peoples' files.
> (I have to assume that they cannot use DOS, let alone
> do an scp from it)  I have found a few, such as ixplorer and winSCP,
> however, again, they allow one to specify a directory above thier
> home.
> I have heard that the commercial ssh version offers the ability to
> chroot, but I would rather stay with OpenSSH if I can.
> Does anyone have any suggestions, short of doing a chmod a-r * -R
> from / ?

Have you considered https POSTs with write permissions only for users'
home directory?
Its fairly easy to setup with apache, uses encryption (SSL) and allows
fine-grained access control.
Plus, even Netscape composer supports such uploads directly...


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