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Re: Mac most secure servers?

Microsoft says the same about Windows 2000

Linux fans say the same about Linux

OpenBSD folks say the same about OpenBSD


Security relies on the good quality of the system and, more important, the
software you use but, in my opinion, is at the same level than the engineer in
charge of the security.

Why do I use Debian ? Because it's very easy to update and upgrade. Because
people behind Debian care about security and propose up-to-dates packages.

Why do I use OpenBSD or FreeBSD on my routers and firewalls, because they're
secure by default and I don't need to upgrade them often. That's my choice. No

There's no need to begin long threads about "what is the more secure OS ever
?". This list aims at securing Debian, not withspreading Debian as the MOST
secure OS.

my 2 cents,


On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 10:58:27AM -0500, Steve Rudd wrote:
> I have been told by a "Mac-head" that the Mac is the most secure server and 
> that it is significantly more secure than any unix system, including Linux.
> Any comments
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