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Re: secure install

You know, Ghost 2001 supports the ext2 partition on certain versions of Linux. It doesn't officially support Debian Linux, but I've cloned my Debian laptop and my Debian desktop many times.

From: "Thor" <thor@tech-center.com>
To: "Zak Kipling" <zk201@cam.ac.uk>, <smokez@fatgoat.com>
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Subject: Re: secure install
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 14:49:03 +0100


> On Sat, 17 Feb 2001 smokez@fatgoat.com wrote:
> > i am sure that is note the case,
> > the only requirement is that the target media is the
> > same size or larger?
> Indeed. Most filesystems, including ext2, are independent of the disk
> geometry. So you can "dd" _partitions_ (eg /dev/hda1) from smaller to
> larger disks, then add additional partitions if you want to take advantage
> of the extra space. The geometry is only relevant is you want to "dd"
> entire disks (eg /dev/hda). Alternatively you can tar the whole system --

and in effect we are talking about  "cloning" an entire disk from an
installed system
to n other systems.
Speak for cloning a single partition then i suggest a simple
'cp -ax /mount_point_of_original_parition /mount_point_of_target_partiton'
the 'a' stand for archive (recursive and same permission)
and with the 'x' the copy don't go out the indicated filesystem.
you can find the same suggestion in How-To/Large-Disk

bye |
bye |hor

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