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Re: secure install

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 From: "Thor" <thor@tech-center.com>
 > wrong

 Actually, I did this exact thing 3 weeks ago when I bought a 30 Gig HDD to
 replace my 20 Gig. I just did a straight forward
 #dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb

 I didn't have any problems. It copied several ext2fs partions, a couple of
 fat32 partitions and an ntfs partition. All of which worked fine straight
 after the copy. It did take several hours though...

 > you can do the copy if the target media is larger but you have
 > problems in the future because dd read from the original and write to the
 > target
 > also the geometry of the disk that is written in the first block of the
 > disk !
 > for recovering that problem you may use a "low-level" format
 > utility that it is not the normal know format

 After the copy finished, I created an extra 10Gig partion for fat32.

 There were *no* problems.

 Dave Smith

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