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Re: Proposal

On 13 Feb 2001, at 17:14, Paul Haesler wrote:

> All,
> Carlos wrote:
> > Sorry to disturb you all, but I am not too interested in the huge
> > threads that have appeared in debian-security lately. I subscribed
> > to this list mostly to get noticed of security problems in the
> > distribution itself, and it seems like people are using it to get
> > answers now (like debian-user focused on security). Perhaps the
> > listmaster could create debian-security-announce, as a moderated,
> > security announcements-focused list, and leave debian-security for
> > general discussion? Thanks.
> Gee, that sounds like a good idea.  In fact, SUCH a good idea that 
> it's been implemented for years.
It could be that he moreover tried to state that a lot of the questions 
in this list would be more on it's place in the debian-user list 
instead of in the debian-security list. As in: a shift from noting 
problems / ideas to asking practical questions.. 

(Paul: sorry for the reply to your email-address:( )

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