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Re: Interoperability between sftp and ftp GUI from ssh.com?

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 03:14:23PM +0100, Thomas Gebhardt wrote:
> A quick test with OpenSSH 2.3 + sftp 0.9.5 and SSH 2.1 Windows
> Client did not succeed.

I had similar failures with scp, sftp, and gftp using the OpenSSH-2.3.0
server.  IIRC my server logs had something like "... we do not read..."
blablah in them... check your logs for something similar.  It's a known
problem with OpenSSH-2.3.0. :(  (It's discussed in the openssh mailing
list archive.)

Otoh if you are not seeing this problem, then maybe something else is
wrong which hopefully is correctable?

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